Press Brake

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Complex Press Brake Capabilities

AST Manufacturing uses the latest in CNC Press Brake capabilities to complete complex formed parts from a variety of materials. AST uses the latest in CNC controls to quickly manage the graphical interface which allows our operators to quickly retrieve programs generated with the programming software for streamlined bending setup.

These capabilities allow AST to not only cut your parts but finish them to final form.

The features of AST’s Press Brakes include:

• Parts up to 120” in length can be formed.

• Large open height allows deep box bending and easier retraction of parts with large down flanges

• Fast multiple 5 axis back gauge

• AMNC touchscreen control with graphical interface

• Dr. ABE Bend Software allows parts to be verified offline — eliminating guesswork and significantly reducing setup times

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In addition, AST also offers Assembly Services to complete your product. We also offer complete CAD/CAM Programming Services for putting your project into production.