Precision Laser Cutting Services

AST is committed to advanced manufacturing technology by offering the latest in precision laser cutting services.

AST has the latest in Fiber Laser Cutting capabilities as well as CO2.

Laser Cutting Services & Tube/Pipe Cutting Services

AST’s Fiber Laser Cutting Table is the latest ultra-high speed cutting technology that can be offered. This added flexibility will allow AST to Laser Cut a variety of materials with excellent precision and speed.

Our 4-Axis CO² Laser is a high speed 3-dimensional, 4-axis 4,000-Watt laser system with dual pallet changer and a Rotary indexer that can cut Round tubing, Square Tubing, Rectangular Tubing, Angle Tubing, and Channel tubing.


Fiber Laser Cutting at AST – 24 HOURS Automated Laser Cutting!

AST Manufacturing – New & Improved Laser Cutting capability with Fiber Laser & Automated Material Feeding Tower and Parts Picking

AST continues its commitment to innovative manufacturing technology by offering the most advanced laser cutting services. AST’s brand new 9KW Amada Regius 3015 AJ Fiber Laser Cutting Machine accompanied by AMS 3015 CL Automated Material Feeding Tower and TL3015L Parts Picking Robot – The next level in laser cutting and processing. AST’s Regius laser is Amada’s fastest laser cutting machine, worldwide, putting AST in a select group of metal fabricating companies. – The next level in laser cutting and processing.

AST Metal Fabricating is capable of laser cutting the following thicknesses.

  • HRS/CRS 1”
  • Stainless Steel 1”
  • Aluminum 1”
  • Copper ¾”

AST Manufacturing’s new 9KW Amada Regius 3015 AJ Fiber Laser Cutting Machine integrates several new features meaning:

  • Ultra-high-speed operations- Amada’s fastest laser cutting machine, worldwide 
  • High accuracy
  • Autonomous functionality – can run 24/7
  • Quick set up times
  • Faster processing

AST’s Fiber Laser cutting system is supported by the AMS-3015 CL automated material feeding tower and the TK3015L Parts Picking Robot. AST has the capability for automated loading and unloading of sheets to and from the laser while laser cutting at the highest rates of speed on all materials. Having the ability to automate loading / unloading / picking parts will dramatically improve output & provide faster turnaround times, allowing for 24-hour operations. 

Providing customers with outstanding levels of productivity and reliability laser profiling is an obvious choice for your metal cutting requirements; we offer a fast efficient and ISO 9000 quality-oriented service to customers. Highly accurate, high tolerance components can be manufactured from many types of plate, sheet, and square tube materials.

AST Manufacturing offers precision laser cutting service for HRS/CRS, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Titanium and Aluminum materials.


CO2 Laser Cutting for Tube & Pipe

Our precision laser cutting services use equipment that is efficient at cutting thin materials and is used to machine parts with pinpoint accuracy. Increased tolerances are another added benefit of laser cutting. Generally, +/- .003” dimensional tolerances can be achieved.

AST’s CO² laser can cut at feed rates up to 3,150 inches per minute and rapid feed rates to 4,455 inches per minute. The dual-pallet changer allows for quick set-up time and flexible cutting operations. The 4,000-watt system can cut a maximum sheet size of 60” x 120with a positioning accuracy of 0.0002”.

Rotary Index Laser Cutting Specifications

Tube Shapes Round, square, rectangular, angle, channel
Round Tube 0.75″ (19mm) – 8.66″ (220mm)
Square Tube 0.75 (19mm) – 6″ (150mm)
Rectangle 8.66″ (220mm) (diagonal)
Angle 3.54″ (90mm) x 3.54″ (90mm)
Channel 6″ (150mm) wide
Maximum Weight 441 lbs. (200kg)
Maximum Tube Length 236.2″ (6000mm)(19.6′ with one reposition)
Rotation Speed 100RPM

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