CAD/CAM Programming

the latest in drawing & CAD/CAM programming software

Advanced Capabilities in CAD/CAM Programming

Using the latest in drawing & CAD/CAM programming software, Draftsight Professional, our dedicated CAD/CAM department programs all parts offline and download to our server for machine access. We can create tooling programs for our four CNC centers using customer-supplied CAD files, engineering drawings, prototypes, or even hand-drawn sketches. These programs allow us to mill, drill, route, contour, and turn your parts with precision and repeatability.

We can accept a large array of CAD/CAM Programming File Formats:

  • Solid Works (.sldprt)
  • DXF
  • ACIS Solids (.SAT file)
  • DWG
  • IGES

Virtek® LaserQC® Inspection System

AST is also capable of creating CAD files from parts using our Virtek® LaserQC® Inspection System. The Virtek® LaserQC® is a rapid inspection system that employs lasers to measure the accuracy of two-dimensional parts to tolerances within 0.05mm (0.002 inches).

Designed for the manufacturing environment, the Virtek LaserQC verifies system calibration before each scan to ensure repeatable accuracy. The system completely reverse engineers a part to create a CAD file to use for cutting. By pinpointing errors immediately, we can reduce scrap and rework. Virtek LaserQC captures more than 500 data points per second and is accurate to within 0.05mm (0.002 inches), assuring the dimensional accuracy you demand in your products and the quality control we demand in all our services.

SPC and Quality Reporting

Inspection data from the LaserQC® is saved in industry-standard CAD files. From these files, the system generates reports to exact specifications. The system automatically creates detailed, color-coded inspection records and data files of the scanned part, including CAD data variances. This facilitates the automatic creation of documentation and traceability to meet any requirements for ISO, TQM, Six Sigma, Lean, and QS reporting.

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