Band Saw Cutting

With our Band Saw Cutting capabilities, AST continues to invest in technology and equipment that will speed up order fulfillment and give us the ability to produce more complex parts.

Bar, Tube & Structural Precision Band Saw Cutting


AST Precision Band Saw cutting processes bars, tubing and pipes, as well as structural shapes, cut to any length and finished for assembly. Always fast and efficient, you can rely on AST’s quality service and rapid turnaround to streamline your manufacturing processes. When the job requires tight tolerances, AST has the equipment to produce parts to your specifications using our high-speed precision saws. Let us cut the parts for you so you can take them directly into your production process.

Precision Band Saw Cutting & Miter Cutting


Whether you need pieces cut to precise tolerances or a bundle cut for handling purposes, we have the ability to produce what you require. Our cutting process can cut bars, tubes, pipes and structural shapes to any length and our miter cut capabilities allow us to create beveled edges for joints and welded parts.

Capacity Rectangle (HxW) Round
90″ 20″ x 30″ 20″
45″ 20″ x 19″ 20″
30″ 20″ x 12″ 14″

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