Laser Cutting

Elevate your designs with our high-precision laser cutting service. Ideal for intricate patterns and tight tolerances, our state-of-the-art laser technology ensures clean, burr-free cuts every time.

CNC Machining

Transform your ideas into reality with our CNC machining services. Our advanced equipment allows for precise, efficient material removal, giving your components the perfect shape, size, and finish.

Press Brake

Experience superb versatility in metal forming with our press brake service. From simple bends to complex forms, our press brakes deliver unparalleled precision across a broad range of materials.

Waterjet Cutting

For materials sensitive to high temperatures, our waterjet cutting services offer a cold cutting solution that leaves edges smooth, reducing the need for secondary finishing.

Band Saw Cutting

Ideal for cutting thicker materials, our band saw cutting service combines efficiency with precision, delivering straight, uniform cuts every time.

3D Printing

Bring your prototypes and complex geometries to life with our 3D printing services. From functional prototypes to end-use parts, we offer rapid turnaround times and exceptional quality.

CAD/CAM Programming

Our CAD/CAM programming services are at the heart of our operations, ensuring that every product is fabricated with maximum efficiency, precision, and accordance to your specifications.

CNC Routing

AST’s CNC Routing table is state of the art. Multiple setups and machine types can be completed on the same CNC routing equipment.

Custom-engineered Assemblies

Many companies today do not want to purchase individual components, they want assemblies. AST Manufacturing is set-up to deliver custom engineered metal fabricated assemblies.

Architectural & Design Applications

From simple shapes to custom assemblies that require Laser Cutting, CNC machining, forming, welding, and assembly AST is equipped to satisfy the most complex architectural design applications.

Why Choose Us?

Complete Sheet Metal Fabricating Solutions

From initial concept design through production, finishing, and assembly, we provide an all-inclusive service that takes your project from idea to installation.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

With the latest in fabrication technology, we offer unmatched capabilities in producing your components with the precision you require.

Comprehensive Manufacturing Capabilities

Our wide range of services, combined with our extensive industry knowledge, means we can handle projects of any scale and complexity.

Experts in Our Industry

Our team is made up of specialists with years of experience. We’re not just service providers; we’re problem solvers who understand your needs and challenges.

Architectural and Design Applications

Our expertise extends beyond traditional engineering projects. We support and inspire architects and designers, transforming creative visions into tangible products.